CED Coating Plant



ED-coating is a method of painting which uses electrical
current to deposit the paint. The process works on the
principal of “Opposites Attract”. This process is also
known as Electro Deposition (ED). The e-coat process
can be divided into these four distinct zones: Pretreatment.



Electro-deposition of primer coating has become universal for a modern automotive paint shop.
In ED, charged particles from the paint emulsion move to Anode (AED) or Cathode (CED) under
electrical forces. The direct current established through the bath makes the pigment and resin
base of the paint wander towards the body surfaces. Coating reaches all the recessed area.
Deposited film does not re-dissolve. However, the un-deposited material is rinsed. Ultra filtrate
(UF) equipments are used for ED paint ingredients separation of those not forming film and
recovery of Paints. Deposited film after stoving becomes hard, durable polymeric film.