Welcome to Gemco Products (India) Regd.

A House of complete Automatic & Manual ElectroPlating Plants, Rotomatic Plating System, Nickle Plating Plants, Zinc Plating Plants, Dee Brassing Plants, Anodising Plants, Phosphating Plants, Satin Nickle Plating Plants, Vibrator Finishing System, Portable Plating Barrel, Hot Water Boiler, Twin Filter, Rim Plating System (Roto Type), Powder coating plant and Other Plating Line Module Plants as per customer specification.

Gemco Plating Equipment Are Manufactured As Per Standard Specifications .All The Above Plating Plants Are Used In Various Industries For Plating The Media.Gemco’s Plating Equipment Have Good Demand All Over India and overseas. Hence The Give Trouble Free Long Service.


  • Fully Automatic PLC Control Plating Plants 
  • Automatic Electroplating Plants (Glydo)
  • Rotomatic Plating System ( Semi Automatic Plants)
  • Acid Zinc Plating Plants
  • Alkaline Zinc Plating Plants
  • Nickle Plating Plants
  • ED Coating Plants
  • Mechanical Zinc Planting Plants
  • Mechanical Galvanizing Plants
  • Phosphating Plants
  • Anodizing Plants
  • De-Brassing Plants
  • Powder Coating Plants
  • Liquid Painting Plants
  • Coper Plating Plants
  • Brass Plating Plants
  • Tin Plating Plants
  • Rim Plating Plants
  • Water Treatment Plants (E.T.P.)
  • Vibrator Finishing System
  • Air Agitation Unit
  • Hot Water Generator
  • Centrifugal Drier Machine
  • Chemical Pumps
  • Rammer Polishing Barrels
  • Vertical Polishing Barrel
  • Baking Ovens
  • Filter Unit
  • Cooling & Heating Coils ( M.S. Cool, S.S. Cool, Lead Bonded Cool, Titanium Coil)
  • Heaters (M.S Heater, Glass Heater, S.S, Heater,  Lead Bonded Heater, Titanium Heater)
  • Tanks ( M.S. Tanks, S.S. Tanks, PVC Lining Tanks, Rubber Lining Tanks, P.P. Tanks, FRP Lining Tanks, Lead Lining Tanks )
  • Module Plants As Per Customer Requirement