Centrifugal Drier Heavy Duty


Centrifugal Drier Heavy Duty With Heating
Air System
Drying metal and plastic parts by centrifugal
force and hot air

Size : 18”x 10” & 20”x 12” & above

Driving Motor : 1 H. P.  to 2 H.P. 1440 RPM 3 Phase


Gemco’s Centrifugal Dryers are basically a spin dryer. They are typically used when parts are being processed in bulk. The parts may be placed into an appropriate size basket that then is inserted into the dryer. The dryer is then closed, turned on and spins the basket at a very high speed to force any liquid, oil, etc. to leave the part. Along with the spinning action drying the parts, an optional heater can be installed to offer adequate time in drying the samples.

Key features of Centrifugal Drier

  • Unique and reliable design.
  • The potato dryer machines are highly effective to remove oil or water from the input material.
  •  Easier operation and less maintenance cost.
  • No skill labour required.
  • Cold and silent running.
  • Robust construction.
  • Low specific power consumption.
  • Durable long life.